Why the white marble more and more popular again in 2019?

2019/7/11 10:03:11    

 # White Classic #

Solemn Silence Elegance、Rich Texture

From classical to modern, it has experienced historical changes.

Always show the honor and elegance incisively and vividly


So it is called the most elegant stone

     Volakas White

        A stone with many surface

Exquisite structure, Moist and bright, Natural transparent, Elegant overall effect


Natural freehand, intelligent, Natural things are incomparable

      Volakas White

     Space Application

Volakas White can change with the light

You can see the warmth of the Volakas White with warm colored lights


Relatively can also see the volakas white cold side


      Volakas White

    Artistic Spirit

Sometimes, it’s hard to be able to clearly express things in a space.

Volakas White can always change through different lines, revealing a natural and clear artistic atmosphere, giving the visual space a black and white contrast atmosphere.

So, this is the reasons why Volakas White has been so popular for so many years!



      Volakas White

       Simplicity and Wild

White marble - there are thousands of patterns in volakas white

Durable and versatile texture, impeccable quality